The statue of Confederate Gen. Williams Carter Wickham lies on the floor after protesters pulled it down in Monroe Park in Richmond, Virginia, on June 6, 2020.

The statue had stood inside the park on the grounds that 1891. Protesters tore down the statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis in Virginia’s capital on Wednesday night.

Police arrived at the scene on Richmond’s famed Monument Avenue. And formed a perimeter around the toppled statue of Davis. Who served as the president of the Confederate States of America from 1861 to 1865.

The statue towed away just before the middle of the night as a crowd of bystanders cheered. Protesters knocked down a statue of Confederate Gen. Williams Carter Wickham in Monroe Park closing weekend.

The Christopher Columbus statue in Byrd Park became pulled down and thrown into a close-by pond on Tuesday night.

Officials in states across the U.S.A. have introduced the elimination of Confederate-generation statues and monuments. Among massive civil unrest following the May 25 loss of life of George Floyd. An unarmed black guy who died in Minneapolis. After a white police officer become filmed kneeling on his neck as 3 other officials stood by.

A flag tied to the monument becomes set on fire, and the flames burned briefly at the bottom of one of the statues.


The actions come amid countrywide protests over the death of George Floyd. Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has vowed to take down Richmond’s monument of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee as soon as possible and placed it into storage.

But a court docket order has quickly blocked his plans to do so. The 60-foot-tall statue, among others on Monument Avenue, has been vandalized with graffiti.

The spokesman for the Virginia Department of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, B. Frank Earnest, condemned the toppling of “public works of art”. And likened losing the Confederate statues to dropping a family member.

“The men who served under Robert E. Lee have been my great-grandfathers or their brothers and their cousins. So, it is far my family,”

He said. “What if a crowd of any other organization went and located the symbols of a person they didn’t like and decided to tear them down? Everybody could be appalled. But I don’t recognize why it’s acceptable. Why individuals who are descended from the Confederate Army and the Confederate soldiers. It’s accepted in this U.S. that you may do whatever to us you want.”

Confederate Monuments Supporters

Supporters of Confederate monuments have argued. That they are essential reminders of history while warring parties contend. They glorify individuals who led a rebellion to keep slavery.

The Davis monument and many others across the South have been erected decades after the Civil War. In the course of the Jim Crow generation, in which states clamped down on black people. And throughout the Lost Cause movement, in which historians and others sought to recast the South’s revolt. As a noble undertaking, fought to protect not slavery but states’ rights.

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