The role of Educational Institutions can never be underestimated due to its supreme importance in shaping students. It is considered as a prevalent academic place that creates the learning and productive environment. It holds the narrative of grooming children by its systematically organized academic framework and activities.

The major perk all educational institutions enjoys while being rational is its diverse environment. The company of different people which are carrying their own exceptional creative zones is making the educational centers far more appealing. When the ideas are cooked together, it ignites the creativity to form something incredible. Educational institutions help their children by exposing them to practical rooms for experimenting their constructive ideas. In the guidance of respective Teachers and Mentors, they nourish their creative ideas up to fill.

The above description is far near too ideal definitions of Educational Institutions. When we welcome ourselves in the real world, we find educational institutions lacking the ambiance that polish the talent and stimulate creativity. In reality, what they taught is to remain limited by inculcated the sense of useless competition of scoring good grades. The learning is nothing but learning to cram good and score good.

Unfortunately, The Education Systems are lacking the teachers that can encourage creativity by helping children break the stereotypes. They are quite unable to teach them how to learn and approach the things effectively.

In every era, there were many examples of children to whom the universe was blessed with exceptional learning powers. These sorts of children have nothing to gain from the institutions that are limited and suppresses their creativity and leave them into complexion and stress. The system of gaining position and grades instead of knowledge make them running of their interest. It is the rule of life to leave the things which are not serving your dreams. One needs to chase the things which make them alive by setting them free from all the unnecessary principles. This attitude is worth practicing as all the great and successful people of the world remain its followers.

The struggle stories of many people start from their High Schools Dropouts. The difficulty mostly started when they recognized the extraordinary interest and talent within themselves. They face the utmost society pressure over dropping out of School. What keeps them moving is their urge to execute something exceptional in their minds.

Nick Mowbray, the Founder of Zuru which is the world best Toy making company originating from New Zealand was the University dropout. He was creative and extended his abilities to make toys of utmost creativity that captures the attention of the world. He started its journey with his siblings that was steady and less recognizable at the start but their idea of making Robotic fish that was an electric toy takes off their business to another level. They garb the world’s best retailers and receive massive appreciation. The family is currently one of the wealthiest families of New Zealand with their firm toy supply to 100 plus countries.

Bill Gates is the well- known Harvard Dropout who later originates as the founder of the Microsoft Corporation. He thinks out of the box to create its software and the idea went great. He is still pursuing his creativity for many inventions that can make a difference.

Mark Zuckerberg, the Founder of Facebook was another Harvard dropout who extended his abilities to create a social networking site. Facebook was the social sensation at the time of its launching and still in competition with many other sites and Apps.

All these make us believe that it’s not the institutions but the creative minds that are important. The high school dropouts can realize their dreams too. The dropping out of school could only be the difficult moment of life that is unable to define your destination. Creativity and room to execute oneself is all the requirements to succeed in life.

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