Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are among polyunsaturated fatty acids. These are important fatty acids as they play important role in inflammation, building immunity, strengthen heart and maintaining brain health. There contain main types of fatty acids such as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), docosahexaenoic (DHA) and alpha-linoleic acid (ALA). EPA and DHA are active forms of omega 3 that are present in fish. ALA is an inactive form that is converted into EPA and DHA before use. It is found in plants mostly.

Why Fish oil supplements?

Fish oil supplements are the best source of omega 3 for the body. Omega 3 is an integral part of healthy diet, hence it should be consumed regularly. Here are given 10 best fish oil supplements for the ones who do not take fish in their diet.

Nature made fish oil 1200 mg plus vitamin D 1000 IU

This nature made supplement is really good and affordable option for omega3 and vitamin D uptake. It provides 700 mg omega 3, with 600 mg DHA and EPA on every serving. It also contains 1000 IU vitamin D which is rarely present in natural sources. These supplemts are obtained from wild fish, so these supplements are required to be purified to remove any toxins such as mercury. Nature made supplements are reliable as they are verified by USP (United States Pharmacopis)

Nordics natural ultimate omega

It supplies 1100 mg DHA and EPA collectively. Wild sardines is a source of Nordics supplement. It is also available in lemon flavor to overcome fish oil aftertaste. As this is verified by Friend of sea, hence Certificate of Analysis is awarded to all Nordic products.

Life extension super omega-3 EPA/DHA fish oil, sesame lignans and olive extracts

It supplies 1200 mg DHA and EPA collectively in every serving. This life extension super omega 3 supplement is really helpful in enhancing the heart healthy omega 3. It is also rich in sesame lignans and olive extracts, which help against fat degradation.

Barlean’s ideal omega3 softgels

It is an ideal fish oil softgel supplement wich supplies 1000 mg of combined DHA and EPA. It is easy to maintain omega 3 by taking its daily dose. Barlean’s omega 3 is rated as 5 star by International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS). It is also available in orange flavour.

Thorne omega3 w/CoQ10

It supplies 630 mg of combined DHA and EPA with 30 mg coenzyme Q10. It provides energy to the different cells of the body.

Carlson labs the very finest fish oil

It is best for those who prefer fish oil in liquid form rather than capsules and softgels. It supplies 1600 mg of omega 3 fatty acids, with 1300 mg from DHA and EPA from every single serving. The remaing omega 3 are in the form of ALA. ALA is sourced out from sun flower.

Innovix labs triple strength omega3

This is best for those who are seeking for maintaing their daily routine with maintained omega 3 supplies. Almost 900 mg omega 3 is packed in one capsule. This capsule has an entering coating which dissolves in stomach and helps in avoiding fish aftertaste by protecting your taste buds.

Nature made fish oil gummies

These gummies are especially suitable for children as they do not supply much quantity of omega 3. They supply 57 mg combined DHA and EPA on each serving.

Viva naturals omega3 fish oil

This simple formula supplies 2200 mg of omega 3, with 1880 DHA and EPA collectively on every serving. They are purified to eliminate any fish odor.

Nordic naturals arctic cod liver oil

This is available in liquid as well as in soft gel and capsule form. It supplies 600-850 mg of combined DHA and EPA.

Directions to Use

There are some factors that are important before choosing any of above supplements. First of all check the ingredients carefully. Then, check their verifications and certifications granted by health organizations. Ensure them to be the supplements that supply omega 3 with DHA and EPA. Check properly either supplement is purified or not. Ensure either they are free of mercury or not. In the end, check expiry date before consumption to avoid hazards.

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