The COVID-19 Outbreak that prevails from Wuhan China to all around the Globe even after many weeks still sustain its position as the World Most discussed topic. It is not only affecting the Health Sector but nearly expands its devastating effects on other sectors, businesses and Workplaces. Many of the world countries are finding themselves in severe economic Crises due to their weak immune system to cope with the vulnerabilities.

The Educational Institutions are closed from the last 4 to 5 Months all around the Globe. Where COVID-19 has ceased the world by preventing the people work in the field, it also stimulates the technology usage and distance learning approaches.

It is not inappropriate to say that COVID-19 proves to be a blessing in disguise for some business start-up. Educational sector which is badly affected at the start of Pandemic now finds its shelter in ed-tech to pursue learning. The Ed-tech platforms for instant and easy learning are growing exponentially. Here are top 5 Ed-tech start-ups that take off during COVID-19.

  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • BYJU
  • I-Tutor Group
  • Vedantu


Udemy is the top most Online learning Center that is providing numerous courses in different languages worldwide. In this Pandemic, it is playing major role of COVID-19 awareness by offering free courses at demanding topics such as improving the immune system, improving health, prevention measures of COVID-19, Anxiety and Stress Management etc. The company is achieving beyond limits and witness the unprecedented growth.


Coursera is another online learning platform that offers productive and informative courses from the last couple of years. COVID -19 provides the surge to this business by making them offer new and numerous courses of notable topics. As the people are struck in home Quarantine, the Courses at the Coursera take its worth by the audience. Coursera improves the course subjects and designs more courses at Mental Health, Career development and Orientation, Data Science etc. The massive enrollments in the Courses bringing the great revenue to the Company.


BYJU’S is Indian fastest growing Online learning platform that witnesses the massive new viewers and users during the COVID-19.They are providing the free approach towards their learning contents in order to confront the need of the Hour. It brings a greater revenue to this institute even at the free availability .The Co-Founder of BYJU’S, Mr. Byju Raveendar declared April the best month of BYJU’S history due to its extreme usage by the Students.

I-Tutor Group:

It has served as a Virtual Educational Platform for many years. The extreme need of Virtual connectivity at the time of Global Lockdown urge it to expand their platform world-wide. Their initiative of Tutor Meet+ receives the outstanding praise and usage in last three Months. It is nearly hard for some institutions to establish their own Online Network for tutoring and mentoring the Students. They are now building their virtual classrooms through Tutor Meet for live broadcasting of the lectures. It proves to be quite lucrative for I-Tutor Group to enhance their connectivity.


Vedanta also holds the narrative of Interactive learning platform executing Ed-tech for providing Quality Education. The surge in the business of Vedantu has been declared by its Co-Founders during the COVID-19. They are well-pleased by gaining the greater Watch Time at their platform, they have never witnessed before.

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