This is all about police brutality which has taken place due to racism. The police targeting black people. Is their color, is their crime? Is being black in color is a crime? The police have covered their brutality under their uniform, which is just miserable. The police are a law enforcement department, which cannot be trusted anymore. Racism is not anything ordinary which can be neglected as easily. This has become a norm, black people getting inspected for no reason just because of color. There are good and bad people in every nation or color, but collectively suspecting or degrading a nation for being black in just intolerable.

The mayor of Temecula has resigned for the act of racism. An email dictated by the may seem to be the words of racism. This was the email about the police which exhibits racism. Thursday, June 4, following a day of analysis for an email in which he says he erroneously composed he didn’t, except there’s ever been a decent ethnic minority killed by a cop.

The email was being posted on social media and it results in enormous criticism which resulted in resignation. Afterward, the mayor James “Stew” Stewart, said that all of it was done mistakenly. He says that his intention wasn’t to dictate such words, it was done mistakenly. Afterward, the news of stepping down and a note of apology for the residents also came upfront. “City of Temecula, I hear you, I agree with you, and I am deeply sorry,” his statement began.

“You have every right to be hurt and offended. My typos and off-the-cuff response to an email on a serious topic added pain at a time where our community, and our country, is suffering. I may not be the best writer and I sometimes misspeak, but I am not racist.”

“I understand that even my sincerest apologies cannot remedy this situation. Because actions speak louder than words, I will step down as your Mayor and City Council Member effective immediately.”

Prior Thursday, Stewart said his email alluded to police activities in Temecula and the encompassing zone, and that he “completely” didn’t state “good” while setting up the message. As he formed the email late around evening time in the wake of a monotonous day’s worth of effort, Stewart said he was unable to recall a Temecula-region case of police lethally shooting a dark individual.

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2 thoughts on “Temecula Mayor Quits Over Email About Police Killings”

  1. The review of policing policies would be conducted by the Riverside County Executive Office and Riverside County Sheriff s Department, culminating in a report in 90 days.

  2. Stewart said late Thursday, June 4, he is considering stepping down as mayor, the leader of the five-member Temecula City Council, and will decide Friday, June 5.

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