Tekashi 6ix9ine is being sued by two concert promoters for the US $5.3 Million later this month. The promoters are Benhur Tesfalidet and Anton Alexander sued him for being a fraud, for breaching of contract and defamation.

They say that 6ix9ine canceled a concert in 2018 without even informing us. They say he played at a different location the same night.

They claimed that the rapper took US$58,470 in advance and didn’t perform. The plaintiffs have claimed that 6ix9ine has made defaming comments about them on social media.

Complex reports that 6ix9ine guaranteed Alexander and Tesfalidet didn’t pay him. He proceeds to call them “corrupt” and “scamming”.

The lawsuit will likewise be focused on 6ix9ine’s previous director Shotti, MTA Booking, a booker named Will Cornish, and another of 6ix9ine’s past supervisors Christian Ehigiator. The claim is by all accounts assaulting the rapper for agreement, misrepresentation, and criticism, with the last having unfolded during his notorious Breakfast Club interview.

Tekashi 6ix9ine was discharged from jail recently. He possessed been serving energy for a scope of offenses identifying with his inclusion with a New York road pack.

Notwithstanding the continuous contention encompassing his vocation, 6ix9ine Is not giving up on his music. Today, 12th of June, he will release a song featuring Nicki Minaj.

Besides his work with Nicki Minaj, 6ix9ine is additionally taking a shot at cooperation with Akon. The pair are collaborating on the continuation of Akon’s 2004 track ‘Locked Up’. The specific release date of ‘Locked up 2’ has not yet been declared.

The promoters of 6ix9ine have sued him for several charges. But Tekashi denied their statement and has given justification to clear him.

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