In the present situation of Covid-19. Technology is one of the biggest tools to handle the queries of the modern age. Covid-19 plays a vital role, to understand the importance of technology. Which is one of the biggest needs during the lockdown situation. 

So there is no contradiction to say that. Technology is one of the most important allies in reshaping the world structure based on globalization, without boundaries and walls.

So with time, the tech industry has a better idea that the improvement in technology-based things is necessary. To avoid trouble in the future. There must be a need to work in a proper way on the technology used especially on Airports and Online Banking Systems. 

The biometric verification and facial recognition technology demand improvement according to the present situation. As it is said the facial recognition system is based on racism that is not the right way to deal with things properly.

In the same way, the need of the hour is to introduce a common digital currency for the whole world, with full security, and confidentially. 

So that the modern world can avoid any pandemic disease soon. As it is stated that Covid-19 can also transfer from one body to another, it is through physical currency. So there is a need for digitalization of the banking system.

For virtual hiring, there is also a need for the development of new technology. Through which we can analyze the talent of candidates properly. I hope so industrial think tank has been started his work to resolve these new problems of the modern world.

The World Economic Forum has recently published a Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit. Which describes the positive ways, in which technology can be leveraged.


According to my point of view, the improvement of already used technology is one of the most demanding and greatest challenges in this modern world. If we want to implement the model of globalization, we must need to work on our tech industry as well as on the tech community.

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