Effects of sugar

It is no longer a secret that the sugar wreaks havoc on the human body. Researchers have shown this fact through research on mice yet. But the fact is also applicable to humans in the same way. It has always been said that sugar level should be reduced in order to lose weight and stay away from diseases. Not only on physical health, but sugar also imparts adverse effects on mental health, and acts like an anxiety fuel in our body.

Low and high sugar levels

If sugar is taken in high quantity, it proves very dangerous for health. It disturbs us mentally. Our mood swings in a rapid manner. We get mostly anxious, sad and depressed. Because insulin maintains blood glucose to an optimum level. Therefore, when sugar is consumed in high doses, over secretion of insulin occurs in order to absorb the glucose. This way compels the body to work harder to attain the normal levels.

Sugar worsens anxiety

If you are dealing with anxiety, you should know how dangerous sugar can be, it acts like an anxiety fuel in our body. The extensive use of sugar makes us irritated, tense and anxious. In addition, the use of sugar also weakens our body’s ability to fight against stress.  As a result, we become more stressed and unable to get out of this state.

Sugar enhances depression

Eating sweets on the happy occasion has become a trend.  So we can’t escape it.  Food makes us happy if we are sad. But factually, eating sweets in state of grief makes us more depressed. It suppresses our emotions. And consuming too much of sugar releases hormones from our brain that are harmful for us. Therefore sugar is a huge cause of awakening depression.

Detach sugar from life

Because we have become accustomed to consuming too much sugar.  However, in this case, if we give up sugar food abruptly, it will bring a negative impact for body. After being addicted to anything, if it is abandoned suddenly, it acquires the form of panic attacks.  Therefore, we should gradually abandon its use. “Suddenly stopping sugar intake can mimic withdrawal and can make us feel to undergo through a panic attack,” Naidoo says.

Brain zapper

Fructose which is a type of sugar and its use destroys our brain cells. It also results in memory loss, leading towards Alzheimer in the long run. Fructose is present in corn syrup, the consumption of which is considered a trend in the United States.

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Ruminate Healthy Sweets

We can’t give up sugar at all.  So we can go for the given desserts that can be used to overcome our sweet craving.

Chef Uma’s chai tea smoothie, chocolate strawberries, and oven roasted sweet potatoes with red miso paste.

We can trust these sugar-less desserts as they are made by Uma Naidoo who is considered as the mood-food expert chef at Harvard University.

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