Walking meditation, is basically a mindfulness walking practice, which helps us in feeling serene and calm full. It assists us in developing a matchless kind of appreciation towards our surroundings, body and thoughts.

Walking Meditation Practice

It usually comprises of a mindfulness walk in a circle, in a straight line or any other specific pattern. Thoughtful walk is attributed with slow pace coupled with engagement of breath or mantra with it.

Benefits of walking meditation

A range of physical benefits are being offered through walking meditation. It helps in fluent flow of blood in the body, by eradicating laziness. Scrolling helps in fast digestion of food and keeps oneself safe from feeling heavy. It helps in reduction of stress and depression if it is practiced prior to workout. It helps in maintaining blood sugar level through provision of proper circulation of blood.

Quality of life is improved

A thoughtful walk in nature, makes one to feel more lively and radiant. Walking meditation under open sky fills the mind and soul with positivity and energy. Not only, it imparts positive impact to day life, but it also improves sleeping patterns by ensuring pretty good sleep. Inculcation of a thoughtful aspect into fitness routine, makes the exercise time even more enjoyable. When rapid breathing is decorated, while going through a forest, then creativity is born. Additionally, lust for the cultivation of new ideas is nurtured and many more aspects of already existing universe are discovered.


Walking meditation does what is not even done through medication to get rid of so many physical problems. Seating meditation is somehow equally beneficial to practice. Make it a habit to practice it, in order to become more relaxed and placid. Let’s deploy it in our lives.

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