Face mask acts as a protective covering for nose and face. In the pandemic situation of corona virus it is more than a necessary trend of wearing face mask. Because, this contagious outbreak can spread without even showing the symptoms. Hence, every person either he is sick or healthy is now advised to put on a face mask.

Benefits of face mask

While normal talking, sneezing or coughing, tiny invisible droplets are spread out into atmosphere. If these droplets are spread out by a COVID-19 positive person, then they can affect majority of the surrounding. In this situation, face masks help in not spreading the virus by covering the mouth and nose.

Types of face masks

When we hear about COVID-19, first element that hits mind to prevent oneself from this pandemic is face mask. Different face masks provide different levels of protection. Mainly, there are three kinds of face masks available now-a-days.

  • Homemade cloth face mask
  • Surgical mask
  • N95 respirator 

Homemade face masks

These masks can be made up at home, with few layers of cotton fabric. Homemade masks are quite effective for the people who don’t work at any health care center.

Surgical face masks

These are often available in white and blue color. Generally, they fit properly across our nose and mouth. These masks protect us from large droplets that come out of sneezing and coughing. They have a performance limitation, as they cannot protect the oral cavity from tiny germs.

N95 Respiratory Masks

N95 respiratory masks are recommended for the people who work in health care departments. They are found in oval and circular shape, and can filter 95% of smallest particles in the air. They contain respiratory valves which can help in breathing.

Fight of face masks against COVID-19

In this era of pandemic, everyone is forced to follow the trend of wearing face masks. Face masks have proved among the best precautionary measures against the spread of this viral epidemic. Along with the use of face mask, one should also follow other essential parameters of social distancing and hand washing to combat with this ailment.

Comfort matters the most

While choosing the face mask, comfort should be preferred over fabric, style, price, color or any other factor relevant to face masks. The face mask providing maximum comfort should be chosen.

How to discard face masks

After usage, one can nicely discard the face masks. One should remove it from the surface which is near the ears and throw it in a dustbin. Homemade mask are, however, re-useable. One can wash it with soap, dry and save it for further use.

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