Peanuts are known among the popular legumes all over the world.Peanuts have a lot of nutritive ingredients, including fibers, proteins and healthy fats.  There are different varieties of peanuts such as unripe, boiled, roasted, salted and flavored. They are mostly used as healthy snacks and for dessert topping. Additionally, they are also proved beneficial for weight maintenance and weight loss.

Role of peanuts in weight loss

Peanuts actually help in weight loss in different ways. As experimental studies have shown that eating peanuts helps to get rid of obesity. Below, we will be looking at the ways of reduction of weight by using peanuts.

Keep your belly full

Far from other snacks foods that have high carbohydrates, peanuts have large amount of fats, proteins and fibers that take time in digestion. A small study carried out by 15 participants found that they used peanuts in breakfast and felt their belly full and stable blood sugar level for long time. Simple carbohydrates found in peanuts, make you feel hungry even after short time because they are absorbed quickly into bloodstream. On the other hand peanuts digest slowly and make you feel full and satisfied. Peanuts are eaten slowly by more chewing so they keep you far away from overeating.

Peanuts contain healthy fats

It contains healthy fats like mono saturated and poly saturated fats. Such fats protect the body from tenderness, infection, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disorders. Hence, usage of peanuts prevents the body from weight gain. Some researchers have hypothesized that high unsaturated fats in peanuts improve the capability of body to get energy from stored fats.

Less intake of calories

They have high calories in them, but one cannot digest all the calories. Human’s teeth cannot break peanut down into small size for proper digestion. That’s the reason human body absorbs just a small amount of calories. While the rest of calories are excreted through body easily. However, it doesn’t mean to eat too much of the peanuts at a time. Overeating causes excessive calories and wastes all the efforts of weight loss.

Selection of peanuts

It is always best to opt unflavored peanuts that do not have any added salt or other ingredients. One should avoid candied peanuts which contain sugar coating on it and enhance calories which hinder all efforts of weight loss. For more fibers and antioxidants, use peanuts with the skins on, which help you to increase fullness. Boiled peanuts have 50% lesser fats and calories than raw or roasted ones.

Unshelled peanuts, take longer to open and prevents overeating. Eventually, help you establish your portion size and calories. Even so, the peanut butter without any added salt or processed oils is a good option to opt for eating. Just be aware of your portion size while selecting the peanuts.

Cover Photo Credit: healthline

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