Heat related illnesses such as heat stroke is very harmful to health. Heat stroke is caused by getting exposure of the sun for a long time. Serious precautionary steps must be adapted while suffering through this ailment.

Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is a heat related illness caused by exposure to the sun for too long. It occurs when the body temperature rises too high. It then disables the defense mechanism of body to cool down. In this way the temperature of the body does not get regulated, leading towards heat stroke. Temperature during heat stroke rises about 106 degrees Fahrenheit. It usually takes 15-30 minutes to get into activation.


When becomes severe, immediate precautions should be taken, otherwise it can lead to death or permanent mental illness.  Symptoms always progress from mild to severe. According to the CDC, “The progression is, essentially, determined by how long you’re exposed to the heat.”

Following are some prominent symptoms of heat stroke:-

Confusion, slurred speech, altered mental status

Slurred speech is characterized by alter in speed or rhythm during talking. In medical it is pronounced as dysarthria. During this condition brain slowly communicates with the body. This state of body leads towards altered mental status. Under this altered brain status, a person remains in confusing and baffling state.

Hot and dry skin due to profuse sweating

Profuse sweating is a hyperhidrosis disorder. In this condition excessive sweating occurs. Due to excessive sweating body suffers from dehydration and skin becomes dry and hot.

Loss of consciousness

It leads towards unconscious behavior. The loss of consiousness interrupts the awareness of the surroundings. It involves the loss of senses that promotes unconscious behavior. Long term persistence of unconscious behavior may lead towards coma.


Seizure is a sudden, uncontrollable discharge of electrical nerves in which the patient does not remain in his senses. During seizure attacks, behavior and level of consciousness of a person changes abruptly.

Overheated body temperature

Body temperature exceeds from normal temperature and rises extremely high. Temperature reaches almost 106 degrees Fahrenheit or even more.

Other symptoms

In addition to above mentioned symptoms, there are other general symptoms of heat related illnesses which include nausea, headache, dizziness, cramps and rashes etc.


In case of catching severe heat stroke ambulance should be called immediately. The victim should be treated under a shade. Ice should be poured on his head. Surrounding air should be cooled around patient. Other than that, try to completely avoid heat stroke by doing maximum indoor activities. Wear light colored clothes while going out in heat. Make it habit to drink plenty of water during hot summers to stay hydrated.

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