Digital therapy was invented a year ago for people facing travel issues. Basically, it is designed for those who have no easy access to doctors. But, now it is proven more beneficial when everyone is compelled to remain inside homes due to COVID-19 pandemic. Digital therapy not only improves therapy skills but also helps in maintaining good health during this epidemic.

Following factors should be considered properly to get the most out of the digital therapy.

Selection of Space and time for digital therapy

As one can practice it anytime and anywhere, hence one should not be worried much about choosing space and time. But one should avoid distractions because they affect the therapy in a negative way. In this regard, silent corner of house is better to opt. Secondly, one should be fully attentive towards therapist, while practicing the therapy.

Defeat the awkwardness

One must first eliminate the awkwardness between oneself and the therapist. In the beginning of session, awkwardness will exist between the both definitely. But patient should overcome it at the earliest possible moment. One should inform the therapist about one’s state of feelings without any hesitation. Patient should observe this fact that to be honest and frank with the therapist is an essential part of medical tips.

Choose comfortable format of therapy

Patient must be completely comfortable and satisfied with the mode of therapy. One must choose the easiest method of therapy from the available kit in beginning. In teletherapy, there is a number of tools to display one’s point of view and feelings. Modes of communication including messaging, audio and video can be opted depending upon the feasibility of patient.

Clearly mention your emotions

During, in-person therapy, the therapist takes note of physical and facial expressions of patient. Face-to-face interaction enables the therapist to perceive the condition of patient. While in digital therapy, the therapist is usually unable to get the body language and facial expressions of patient. Hence, patient should mention his state of mind and body clearly by giving his feelings a specific name or reaction. In this way, the therapist will become aware of the needs and demands of his patient.

Give feedback to therapist eagerly

As this digital therapy system is not easy, tell your coordinator what you are facing. Express your feelings towards his method of therapy without any reluctance. Let him know if you are not getting benefit from the online system.  In this way the therapist will try to improve his methodologies and connections towards you.


Teletherapy is a great way to reduce mental stress in this epidemic and isolated era. For healthy and useful outcomes of digital therapy we need to keep these above mentioned medical tips in our mind.

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