About a year after Elijah McClain was killed following a dispute with Aurora Police. National and worldwide demands an investigation have advanced toward legislators and law enforcement in Colorado.

The seventeenth Judicial District Attorney’s Office has gotten over 10,000 calls and 2,000 messages. Requesting the three officers connected to McClain’s death to be charged. Television host and entertainer Ellen DeGeneres additionally tweeted about the case, calling for equity for Elijah McClain.

CBS4 first detailed the demise following a quarrel among McClain and the officer in Aurora in August of 2019. Somebody called 911 to report McClain was “acting odd” and wearing a ski mask as he walked home. The caller told dispatch McClain was not equipped, and had not committed a crime.

At the point when police reached McClain, he told them he had done nothing wrong. He was returning home from buying tea at a convenience store. After McClain told police he hadn’t done anything wrong, officers tried to stop him and grabbed him. McClain was in the end handled by one of three officers and put in a chokehold. McClain is heard in body camera video telling officers he wasn’t resisting.

He also told them he was an introvert, a vegetarian, and was unable to hurt a fly. The body cameras of multiple officers were dislodged. At one point, after noticing a body camera is on the floor. One officer is heard telling another “move your camera, dude.”

“I’m surprised how long it has taken for the world to take notice of this case,”. Said Mari Newman, the McClain family’s attorney.

McClain was not armed, had not perpetrated the crime, and was wearing a ski mask for personal comfort. His family stated, because of some past issues. It wasn’t unprecedented for McClain to wear a mask to give him comfort and ease. McClain was given a high dose of ketamine by paramedics. Which a coroner later determined caused McClain to have two heart attacks.

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