During economic crisis, people look for different sources of food. In food shortage, it would be surprising if humans could eat dog food. Just like dogs enjoy human food, so too can humans. The real issue is whether dog food is good or bad for the human body.

Short-term consumption

Dog food is not made for humans. Nor does it meet the basic human development needs.  Eating small amounts of this food does not impose a major risk to humans. Dog food is made from a mixture of byproducts of animals, grains, beans, vitamins, and minerals. In this way it maintains nutritional diet for our pet. Dog food is made up of pieces of meat, crushed bones, skin, and damaged animal organs. It is undoubtedly extremely harmful for humans to eat.  But as it can quench man’s hunger, hence it is not harmful if eaten cooked.

Dog food contains vitamin k3 which is good for health of dogs. Research has shown that it is dangerous for human health if taken in large quantity. Dogs and humans have different nutritional needs. Therefore, their diet is also made by keeping in mind the same needs. Dogs produce vitamin C, so they do not have it in their diet.  Human have to take vitamin C in their diet because their body does not make it. So, it is not enough for humans even as primary diet.

Foodborne illness

Dog food contains bacteria and raw materials that are harmful to human health. Uncooked meat is harmful for humans to eat. Because it increases the number of bacteria that make a person sick. It causes nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. These bacteria increase risks of foodborne illness.

Dangerous for children

Dog food is very harmful for children. Because immunity of children is weak and has not yet developed. Therefore, the bacteria present in this food can make them very sick. That is why kibble bag should be kept out of reach of children.

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