1200 Calorie diet

1200 calorie diet plan is used for weight loss. Therefore, a diet plan of 1200 calories would be useful in weight loss. According to some researchers, eating very few calories is harmful to health and it does not help to lose weight for a long time. Let’s catch a sight on its advantages, disadvantages and alternatives in this article.

1200 Calorie diet for weight loss

The 1200 calorie diet can be used as a low calorie diet but it is not suitable for everyone. It depends on the normal calorie requirement of the person. If a person’s calorie requirement is 1200, then a low calorie diet will be 500-600. If the requirement is 1500-1800 then the low calorie diet can be 1200. It varies from person to person.

1200 calories diet is very useful in instant weight loss for short time periods. Eating low calories and fat reducents quickly reduces weight. Studies show that low calories do not work well in off weight for long periods of time.


There are many benefits of a 1200 calorie diet but remember that these benefits are linked to a lower calorie intake rather than a specific 1200 calories diet. Excess calorie intake increases our fat which leads to weight gain, increased heart risk factors and causes diabetes. Therefore, if the body gets enough calories as required, then it is good for health.

Less intake of calories lowers LDL cholesterol, which is a bad fat. It also lowers blood sugar and inflammation. However, lower weights improve sugar and lipid profiles and these improved profiles are essential for overall well-being. I recommend to consult a healthcare provider for an accurate low calorie diet plan.


As I have mentioned above, a low calorie diet varies from person to person. It depends on age, size and gender as men have higher calorie requirement than women. So if a person has a calorie requirement of 2000 or 2500, how much less will a 1200 calorie diet be for him. It is just useful for a person with 1500 or 1800 calories requirement. If the caloric intake is too low then it becomes harmful. In this case, the person feels dizziness, nausea, fatigue and even gets faint.

Eating very few calories makes you regain weight quickly because eating low calories disturbs the body’s resting metabolic rate. Due to which the body has to work hard to maintain weight and at the same time mental health is also disturbed. It does not help you to lose weight in the long run.


Instead of a 1200 or less calorie diet we can use some of the alternatives. Such as natural methods that have no harmful effects on health. So, here I am going to share some of the healthy weight loss tips.

Eat whole foods

Eat all types of food such as, fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds etc.

Cut out extra sugar and fats

Reduce sugar and fat level in your diet as it can help in lowering calorie intake.

Prefer to eat or cook at home

Avoid going restaurants and consuming junk food because they increase fat or calorie level in our body.

Enhance daily physical activity

Daily physical activity helps in burning the fat and calories and also helps in reducing weight.

Consult or work with a healthcare provider

It is very beneficial for maintaining accurate health and weight level via consulting with health care professionals.

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