Recently in America, most American publishers including Hachette, Penguin Random House, Wiley, and HarperCollins, owed that. Internet Archive, an American Digital Library, has copyright issues from the past few months. Soon after free access to 1.4 million books for common people.

After four commercial publishers filed a lawsuit earlier this month, the Internet Archive ended its National Emergency Library program earlier than planned, the organization said in a blog post

Due to this reason, most of the publishers want to close the emergency library of IA. One of the features, which is one of another feature. This is designed especially for its users under the corona pandemic to access more books easily through digital access. 

But, now most of the American publishers claimed that we have copyright issues from this feature of Internet Archive. So our request is to close this digital library feature to resolve copyright issues.

According to Authors Guild “The Internet Archive was acting as a piracy site that violates authors’ rights to their works”. Author Brewster Kahle said. That we do not want the Internet Archive to end its online digital library services for its users. As there is no doubt it helps a lot to authors and even publishers. But we demand to resolve copyright issues from its featured “emergency library”.

Authors also said that Internet Archive uses knowledge books but with proper permissions from authors. They also claimed that there is a need to revise the rules and regulations between authors and the Internet Archive. 

They said that this job is quite physically demanding and challenging especially under the situation of Covid-19.


In my opinion, to avoid any problem under the situation of Covid-19. There must be a proper revision of rules and regulations for proper services deliver to the consumers under the situation of Covid-19. Authors and publishers also must cooperate to handle the situation in an appropriate way to resolve copyright issues in the future.

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