Posture is actually the position of standing, sitting and lying for our body’s alignment. A standard posture keeps our muscles erect and relaxed. We feel active while maintaining true posture.

It is quite necessary for women to hold their bodies in a correct manner. Below, some movements and exercises are prescribed to attain exact posture. These daily-based exercises will help

  • keep muscles relax
  • Empower entire body core
  • Tighten our joints
  • Diminish depression and stress

With these daily-based exercises you can improve your posture in 30 days. It requires a proper timetable even at home to do practice these exercises.

Day 1: Check your posture

The first thing is to check your posture. Stand straight by the wall, keep distance of less than 2 inch from wall to back and neck. There should be a distance of 6 inches between heels and wall while buttock should touch the wall.

After this, measure the distance from the neck. If it is more than 2 inches then it shows that our spine is twisted and posture is weedy.

Day 2: Child’s pose

Practice child poses for 5 minutes in the morning and evening. It helps in strengthening our spine and creating the right posture, thus, help improve your posture.

Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels

Day 3: Add standing forward fold

It requires 4 minutes after practicing child poses. It helps in muscles relaxation and proper neck’s tension solace.

Credit: ekhartyoga

Day 4: Add Cat-Cow

After previous exercise, practice cat-cow for 5 minutes. This exercise will assist to lengthen and empower the spine.

Day 5: Add chest stretch

Before chest stretch, exercise child’s pose for 1 minute, Standing Forward Fold for 2 minutes, and Cat-Cow for 2 minutes. Practice it in the morning and evening. It is good for backache consolation

Day 6: Add Standing Cat-Cow

It is time to practice Forward Fold standing followed by star standing Cat-Cow. It is an effective backache exercise and provides athletic agility.

Day 7: Add chest stretches throughout the day

Practice the chest stretches of 3 minutes throughout the day.

Day 8: Build your core

This drill is similar to high planks, and really beneficial for back and abdominal muscles solidity.

Credit: runtastic

Day 9: Back Strengthening

Downward-Facing Dog is really helpful for opening of chest wall and shoulders.

Day 10: Loosen tight hips

Practice pigeon pose that assist is loosening tight hips.

Day 11: Maintain back awareness

This drill helps to strengthen the spine and relieve backache.

credit: euro.who

Day 12: Double up on core strength

Proper posture will be attained when we feel our strong abs during this workout.

Day 13: Restrain work posture

Practice chest and hip stretches to counteract work posture. It keeps upper body fit and active.

Day 14: Start Standing at work

Doing work while standing is also helpful in making body competent.

Start standing at work
credit: pbtech

Day 15: Reduce Stiffness in lower back

Thoracic spine rotation exercise will help to get rid of lower back tenderness.

Reduce Stiffness in lower back

Day 16: Move every 20 minutes

Stroll even after every 20 minutes.

Day 17: Try a beginner Yoga class

Practice all above poses during yoga classes.

Try a beginner Yoga class

Day 18: Fire up our glutes

Activeness of glutes assists to stay healthy.

Fire up our glutes
credit: euro.who

Day 19: Tune into our sitting posture

Constantly observe the sitting posture. Avoid sitting by crossing legs or in bending neck positions.

Tune into our sitting posture

Day 20: Keep mobile on eye level

Use mobile phone in such way that no need remain to bend down for looking in it.

Day 21: Repeat Day 10

It is time to revise day 10 workout. It will help to decline anxiety.

source: medicalnewstoday

Day 22: Maintain your core strength

One can keep body fit by practicing Cat-Cow, Child’s pose and chest- stretching.

Day 23: Strength the glutes

Keep the glutes strong

Strength the glutes
via gfycat

Day 24: Strengthen the shoulders and back

By adapting proper sitting posture, shoulders and back will remain strengthen

Day 25: Go for other Yoga class

Take yoga class to practice these poses.

Go for other Yoga class

Day 26: Work on body flexibility

Planks, thoracic spine rotation, and chest and hip opener stretches make the body flexible.

Day 27: Strengthen our glutes

Make glutes strong by revising above poses

Day 28: 35% standing day

Standing straight improves our posture.

Day 29: Aware of posture

Keep progress in mind to get aware of the posture.

posture awareness
credit: collabink

Day 30: 50% of standing in day

It will help to make us habitual of true posture. In this way we can improve our posture while standing, seating and lying.

Cover Photo Credit: torbaychiropractic

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