COVID-19 breakout impact on humanity:

Covid-19 outbreak has badly affected humanity. It has limited humans to one place. All our daily activities have got limited. Several life related hazards such as, temporary unemployment, home study, lack of socialization, isolation and risk of becoming infected have prevailed. All of these are very challenging for us. At the same time it has bad effects on our mental health. Loneliness and social boycotts cause stress. This is very dangerous for the patients with mental illness. Overall covid outbreak has badly affected humanity.

COVID-19 impacts on children and teens:

The covid-19 outbreak has had a devastating effect on children. 1.5 billion Children are not anymore going to school. Until this pandemic is eliminated, the risk of evicting children cannot be taken. This epidemic has affected the lives of children from each and every aspect. Such as, their study, growth, development, social behavior and learning process are all affected. In addition, the epidemic has affected their mental health. Staying at home constantly, playing less, facing parental separation, all of these conditions are effecting their mental health.

The mental level of adults is also badly affected. Constant stress worsens their mental state. Isolation, family problems, grief of losing loved ones affect their scars. In all of this, girls are most affected.   During isolation, they are compelled to bear domestic violence and gender discrimination. Teenagers start using drugs due to isolation and stress. Such alarming situations are making the prevailed pandemic even worsen.

How to maintain health of Children

In some ways, we can reduce the effects of this pandemic on children and youth.

Development of Specialized Psychological Programs

We can nullify the effects of pandemic by investing in the development of psychological programs that are made for children and teenagers. We should now focus in providing mental and psychological support to children and teens. In this way we will be able to improve children health.

Meet the needs of Children

During this hard time, we should not ignore the basic needs of our children. To make them engage in healthy activities, we should facilitate them with distance-learning programs. This is the best time to meet the spiritual needs of kids by spending productive time with them.

Introduce nature to your kids

Nature and its aspects have always provided mankind with best anti-stress therapies. We should encourage our kids to spend more time with nature. Instead of watching Netflix, we can persuade them to sit under sky, look at clouds and praise the way in which universe is making its flow. Such natural therapies are found best for maintaining best standards of children health.

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