Illumina Accelerator is the first business Accelerator that precisely focused on creating a startup system. Accelerator was launched in 2014, since then Illumina has invested in 45 different genomic startups across the world. These startups provide access to business guidance, work spaces, investment knowledge, operational laboratories and sequencing systems.

Illumina, a biotechnological company, is renowned for its innovative biotechnologies that bring an evolutionary change in genetics studies, genetic variations and hereditary functions. They revolutionized the human health criteria by opening genomic studies. Few decades back, biotechnology was a remote technology and a study of the genome is not even imaginable. Illumina was established in 1998, and its headquarters are in San Diego, California, USA.

Illumina took an initiative, offering the first global cohort of Illumina Accelerators. For this purpose they have selected almost seven early startup companies to join the cohort. The relevant interest of the company is to focus on partnering with entrepreneurs to step forward in genomic startup. Initially three companies involved in the funding cycle of Illumina accelerator Cambridge, UK while four groups will join as the 11th funding cycle in the San Francisco Bay area. Due to this whole pandemic of COVID-19, Illumina Accelerator kicked off both funding cycles and brought all seven early stage companies together. They announced the newest companies to join genomic startup in 2 categories i.e. Illumina Accelerator Cambridge and Illumina Accelerator San Francisco Bay area.

Illumina Accelerator Cambridge

Alchemab Therapeutics LTD is a biotech company from London, UK, focused on novel therapeutics by using naturally protective Antibodies of patients to treat disease in a unique approach.

Neurolytic Healthcare LTD is a diagnostic firm from Oxford, UK. They are focused on special genomic driven indicative, personalized diagnosis and treatment necessary in neurological situations.

Tailor Bio LTD is an oncology diagnostic company doing research work on cancer conditions, and how patients’ bodies respond to oncology therapeutics.

Illumina Accelerator San Francisco Bay Area

AarogyaAI Innovations Pvt. LTD, a diagnostic company working on diagnostic drug resistance in tuberculosis.

Medic life Sciences Inc, a therapeutic company discovering preclinical testbed of tumor samples based on cancer organoids and CRISPR to initiate targeted therapies.

Pluton Biosciences, LLC, is a microbial discovery research company that aims to solve global problems and guarantee a sustainable ecosystem.

WellSim Biomedical Technologies, a biotech company that uses micro and nano technologies to explore the possibilities of exosomes.

Amanda Cashin, Co-Founder and global head of Illumina Accelerator narrated that in this pandemic they urge breakthrough genomic startups that help effectively to transform human health. Amanda also expresses her proud feeling of partnering with seed stage capital investors that pushed their startup to skies. Moreover it is important to notify that Illumina Accelerator is accepting applications for the subsequent global funding cycle by August 1,2020.

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