How To Wash Fresh Produce Effectively

Fruit and vegetables are an essential part of our diet. Because they are a good source of vitamins, fibers, minerals and antioxidants. Rehearse food hygiene is an extensive and reasonable healthy habit. Washing farm produce helps in reducing surface dust and germs. However, due to current COVID-19 pandemic many arguments are circulating that is water enough to wash fresh produce or not?

Here we will discuss some of the best methods of washing various fresh fruits and vegetables prior to eat them.

Why to wash fresh produce

Washing helps in removing bacteria from the surface of fruit and vegetables. It minimizes the chances of ingestion of potentially toxic germs.  Fresh produce is handheld by a lot of people before we acquire it from the market.

In stores, fresh fruit and vegetables are polluted Through the impacts of sneezing, coughing and even breathing. As washing reduces the residues that may be left on them throughout their journey from farm to the oral cavity. That’s the reason rinsing of fresh fruits and vegetables in a satisfactory way is mandatory.

How to clean fresh produce

We should wash fruits and vegetables just before eating. The stores where fresh produce reside may provide an environment which is suitable for bacterial growth. Cleaning of hands with soap and water, proves effective before washing vegetables and fruit. We should also use a suitable bucket or sink for washing purpose after cleaning them.

Firm Produce

Soft brush helps in rinsing out of residues from pores of fresh produce. Fruits with firmer skin like apple, mango, lemon, pears can be cleaned under water by using a soft brush. Similarly, rooted vegetables like carrot, turnip and potatoes, can be washed through water with a soft brush.

Fragile Produce

Berries, mushroom and other such types of produce that possess smooth surface are washed with gentle friction. They can be rubbed with fingers to remove dust.

Green Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are meant to be washed thoroughly under cool fresh water.

Precautions to be taken

Although, humans are becoming more sensitive regarding their health due to COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, one should not put one’s life at risk by washing the fresh produce by using dangerous agents like bleaches and detergents. The usage of such products will only increase the chances of ailments rather than removing traces of virus from them. Therefore, take such precautions for staying safe, which do not lead to extra health hazards.

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