It is not unnatural that workers want safety as a result of COVID-19 pandemic to restart their business. There should be proper preventive measures like social distancing, aeration and cleanliness. It is also important for organizations to keep their workers healthy, and provide Safe Employment.

Safe Employment is the soul right of employees and it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure the provision of employees safety at his workplace.  As the entire world is going to resume its operations, workers are found unsatisfied about their workplace. It sounds vibrant that their offices are reopening, but workers are unaware of personal care by using personal preventive tools. Even they don’t have access to N95 marks. They do not have any know how about virus persistence in the air.

Importance of safety at workplace

Provision of maximum safety in order to reduce the level of hazards is the utmost priority of any organization. Either an employee works in a company, factory, office or any store. He should be made known of his safety rights. Safe employment demands for the standards which can ensure an employee that he is safe.

Peter Dooley, MS, CIH, CSP, the safety and health senior project coordinator asked the workers to write safety and preventive measures. They then pointed out the following parameters to attain employee’s safety under the roof of workplace.

Social Distance

Establishment of social distancing plays an important role in maintaining the desired level of safety during any contagious outbreak. An associate professor of environmental health, Matthew Freeman, PhD, MPH and global health at Emory University in Georgia, has declared social distancing as the supreme indemnity against the viral pandemic.

Safety precautions for restaurant employees

It is advised that dining should be outdoor seated while tables should widely scattered while indoor dining. Waiters should practice prescribed distance from customers. During these days it is suggested to note down order and deliver food to home. While in hotels wearing of masks is mandatory for both employees and customers.

Avoidance from Over Crowding

Plexi glass physical barriers are required to use at work stations. These barriers help in lowering risk of getting prey to virus.  In Ford, wristwatches are suggested to be given to assembly employees. That’ll warn when workers attain within 6-feet distance of one another

Improve aeration

Experts suggest bosses to took their employees to arid workplaces or allow them to work while sitting in home. It’ll meliorate air circulation. According to Freeman and Polsky insinuations, airflow should be enhanced and best quality air filters should be used. These air filters should be changed on daily basis.

Cleanliness and disinfection

Cleanliness and disinfection should be applied frequently at workplace. Hand washing stations should be planted. Mobile employees should use hand sanitizer to kill germs anywhere, anytime. It is quite hard to stay clean today than past. So, one should be careful in case of customer or worker.

Personal protective tools

If workplace demands for exclusive personal protective equipment, then employees should be given them. Because, it is the only way through which one can reduce the chances of spread of this deadly ailment.


Employees act as a fuel to run any organization. In order to attain maximum input from them, employer should take all the precautionary measures to keep them safe and healthy. During pandemic it is necessary to regain the trust of an employee towards his organization. And one can do it by providing him his basic needs ranging from imparting awareness to bestowing them with PPE.

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