We know that the whole situation in all over the world under Covid-19 is very critical. All tech workers are instructed to work in their personal spaces, from home. Meaning that the mantra of “bringing your whole self to work,” a concept introduced by Mike Robbins.

But we know that at home there are a lot of problems to work properly, within a specific time frame and we feel helpless to manage it properly. So here, we discuss how we can manage a workspace remotely at our home.

First of all, as a tech worker, what you need? Obviously a laptop and a good internet connection, but the problem is not there. The problem is a disturbance in your home workplace.

Due to which you lose your focus and concentration from your work and you can’t handle it in an appropriate way. For this, I have some tips and tricks to manage your workspace at home.

Tips and Tricks to manage your workspace

  • Find a room, where is less movement of your family members and if you aren’t able to find such a room then you can use a basement room as an office workplace.
  • Manage it, according to your office workspace in such a way that you feel like your office workspace touch.
  • Take breaks according to your office timings and share your office work on a common office platform, for better understanding.
  • For proper discussions, there must be an appropriate office app for online meetings.
  • For meetings, everyone must ensure that he must use headphones for clear and clean discussion,
  • Also to mark the attendance of employees there must be a proper system introduced by the company for better results.

As a tech worker, I think if you follow the above tips, you can cope with the situation of COVID- 19 in a proper way without closing your Office.

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