Business Survivors in lockdown become rainmakers in future

Over the last few months, I have been into a thought- about the cruel phenomenon of natural selection-filter the best ones. In this whole pandemic situation, we might see how the Resilient amongst all survived through this. If we talk about economy and business, only people surviving through this hard breakdown are now the pillars of the economy.

May I categorize companies into groups?

The first category

The first category is the businesses that could not withstand this pandemic. The whole returns of these industries reach zero. One of the most affected commercial areas- I have to mention at this point is the tourism and events industry. Tourism and people gathering capacities are sealed through and through. From the last few months, Revenue generated from these businesses is more or less- nothing. In fact, there are many countries whose national economies are devastated just because they are tourist states.

The second category

The second group is adaptive businesses i.e. the businesses where the hype of current consumers have been declining but the companies change their shelves in order to construct a new consumer base. Isn’t it interesting? They try to convert their manual operational forms into virtual systems. Rather than shopping from the bazaar, they offer online shopping opportunities to customers- from heavy equipment to groceries all the way to their door steps. Although these companies generate less revenue than normal times, they survive in markets up to some extent.

The third category

The third category is the fittest among all, the businesses that up-and-coming through markets all day. These businesses involve healthcare tech, logistics, online shopping sites and e-commerce. All other stakeholder of the economy are now that home –so the whole game is now in the hands of winners. Their products and services are in greater demand nowadays. These companies operate from the front and work on an open forum. Although the raw material required for making items affects their production rate, the game is still in their hands.

It is highly appreciated that they are the rainmaker right now but the question is what happens when the whole arena comes to normalcy? Have they planned anything on consumers’ retention to their companies or products? Well, this is the time to utilize their fittest characteristics into business policies and sales –plan for future- make strategies to retain their customer base.

The whole condition is in favor of rainmakers, we reach an agreement that they are the royals of the economy right now-but the important point is whether the customers trust your band or not? They have to work on the quality, sales and price of their products in this hard time. It should be a courtesy call for their shoppers. Yes, revenues are important but don’t get benefit of costumer’s miseries. You must invest your brain and heart to your business.

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