The pandemic disease of Covid-19 is caused of trouble for the whole world. And the situation is quite a difficult day by day, as there is an increase in outbreak cases of Covid-19. This year 2020, brings a lot of change globally. The world’s transformation from open sources of things is now limited to digital technology. And demand of the tech community in the modern world is enhanced over time, under the light of Covid-19.

On the other hand, if we see the reports of meteorologists. It shows a good sign regarding the global environment that the ozone depletion has been stopped. As a result of a decrease in pollution, during Covid-19. 

Also, this pandemic helps a lot to present a practical model of the old concept of globalization. Where everyone can share his knowledge without any boundary walls’ restrictions.

Tech Community is also active during this Covid-19 situation. To upgrade its services to the top level and get the advantage of this opportunity. 

This 2020 year is quite lucky for the tech industry. As it is observed that during this year. The usage of smart tech services and the use of the internet is enhanced by about 40-45% as compared to the previous year 2019. This growth of the tech industry shows that there is a great opportunity for the tech community this year.

Also, it is saying that there are about 10 companies in the world are struggling for the preparation of vaccination for Covid-19 by the help tech community. 

Also, many top world institutes are trying to assist organizations. Regarding finance and other organizations’ insight issues by using the services of the tech community. From which IBM is one the more prominent institute during the pandemic disease of Covid-19 of the year 2020.


According to my point of view. The harnessing of the tech community is one of the challenging tasks in the upcoming days, especially for industries. Industrial think tanks must make such strategies. Using tech instructors that can help them both financially and according to the demands of the modern world. So that they can avoid any trouble soon.

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