Fifth Generation of mobile phone is shortly known as 5G technology. In addition to offer better connectivity options, 5G technology makes it possible to deliver best range of facilities including faster browsing, streaming and download speed. While looking at the advantages brought by 5G technology then it is evident that in this technology reliable era, 5G seems to be a natural evolutionist as it has opened new and versatile doors of advancement in the field of robotics, self-driving cars and medical devices.

The main features of 5G technology lie within its increased capacity and reduced latency which is in fact the time it acquires from devices to involve in communication with each other. High frequency bandwidths right across the radiofrequency spectrum is used by mainstay of 5G technology. At initial stages of launching, bandwidth of 28 gigahertz (GHz) will be observed in use by 5G while later on in near future this bandwidth will be increased in its magnitude.

Now in order to know about what will be this new technology bringing for the health of its users and consumers, we have to spot out the mechanism of functioning of 5G technology. In this regard it is necessary to understand how electromagnetic radiation and radio frequency networks impact our health.

Electromagnetic radiation is actually a type of energy that comes into formation due to the flow of electricity and this electromagnetic radiation further generates electromagnetic field that is commonly known as an EMF. Either the electricity switch is turned “on” or “off”, electric field tends to exist wherever power lines, power outlets or power stations are found. While the flow of current is the only condition for generating magnetic field. In this way electromagnetic radiation and electricity are combined together for producing electromagnetic field lines. Wavelengths ranging from 30 kilohertz to 300 gigahertz are included in radiofrequency EMFs.

Exposure to such harmful waves for a common man is mostly resulted from handheld gadgets like cell phones, tablets, laptops and portable internet devices.  Because radiations of these wavelengths include include X-rays and gamma rays which have strong penetrating ability through which they break apart molecules of a human body and give it severe damage. Furthermore, excessive doses of heat is delivered through these RF-EMFs which contribute in rising the temperature of the exposed tissues and leads towards scorches and other damages.

Mobile devices are found to emit low levels of RF-EMFs. Introduction of 5G technology has reignited this debate of either considering it a cause for concern or not. For a long time research has been carried out to check the relationship between certain types of cancer including glioma and foracoustic neuroma and RF-EMFs. Through experiments made upon humans and animals and with the support of limited evidences, researchers have found RF-EMFs, “possibly carcinogenic to humans”.  While on the other hand certain health agencies have nullified the idea of getting harm from low level of those radio waves which are emitted by cell phone.

It is well known that every picture contains both negative and positive side. No matter how much liter of milk we consume in daily life to get our bones stronger, it will be surely harmful when lactic acid will reach its saturation point. That’s the reason agencies should mark a boundary line for such technological inventions as well in order to ensure the safety of public even from their routine and normal lifestyle.  And same goes for a lay man who must understand the limits of biological functions of one’s body by not urging the internal mechanism to face worst scenarios just because of one’s tech-reliant habits.

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