In America, after the death of George Floyd, there is a public protest against American Police. Most of the company’s employees stop their services for the US police department. At the same time, Google employees demanded that Google must stop selling its technology to US police. Who is responsible for the cruelty and brutality of their public. 

They said that we enforce google to provide its tech services to law enforcement agencies. So that they can use the technology in the right way, for the prosperity of the country.

Employees wrote in a letter to CEO Sundar Pichai. “Why help the institutions responsible for the knee on George Floyd’s neck”. They also claimed that Google is a partner in this crime with the US Police. 

They also said that Google must play its role positively to stop racist fights throughout the country. Instead of spreading negativity by helping the criminal American Police department.

They also threatened Google that if they don’t stop delivering their tech services to the police department. We will resign from google, as we do not want to provide our services to such a criminal department. Who is responsible for the death of innocent George Floyd. 

They said as a responsible citizen, it is our moral responsibility that we speak against cruelty.

Employees are successfully able to pressurize google, to stop selling their tech services to American Police. In the past, when employees protest. Then one of another tech companies, IBM stop to sell its face recognition service to the police department. 

Similarly, Amazon and Microsoft also decided to sell their tech services only to law enforcement agencies. Instead of the criminal US police department.

CEO Pichai said in the response of google employees’ protest. That we stand with our Black community, who is hurting after the death of an unarmed black man. 

He said that we assure to our black community that their security is our top priority. He also said that we stand with justice, as we recently spend about $12m to racial justice organizations. So, employees must be calm and be patient.


In my opinion, if Google wants to rank number one in the tech industry. Then the top priority of Google is to unite its community to sell its tech services to the whole world. Otherwise, Google will face trouble in the future to provide its technology to the whole world.

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