Life is an experiment and the only one whose impulses are responsive enough to stabilize in hurricanes can survive. The crisis we face, COVID-19 pandemic, is getting bigger and bigger. The question is what happens if this situation is prolonged? Habitual things become trends in society, but we become habitual to new things and situations during COVID-19 downturn. Are we habitual of new normal?

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

Charles Darwin

Virus initially affected China then spread all over the globe. Its effects not only the life of humans but also the economy, trends and physiologic conditions. This misshape makes people freaking out. The First thing is to remember the Darwin’s theory of evolution, take a deep breath, just jump into it and let’s face it.

We know that the financial system of the globe is working in a circle, every sector is bound to another sector in order to work. Economic downturn affects all the industries. It is very hard for the entrepreneurs who are in their survival years to even survive in this instance of time but if they will they might end up as warrior rather than worrier. The same goes for the investors, angles investors have lost their interest in the seeding expect for the very potential health care startup that can actually make impact. Same goes for the Venture capitalists (VCs) as well.

The new Normal:

As the world’s trends have changed rapidly in past half year and people become habitual to live with respiratory disease like coronavirus. We may can say that these normcore become new normal around the globe. So why are people hesitant to do it? Some of the new normal are as:

  • The World business setups are now shifted from retails to digital platforms
  • Remote working is new formal office trend
  • Self-isolation, home-schooling, and home- tutoring is now a trend
  • Rather than shaking hands, Wuhan shake-the foot tap is the new normal
  • Social distancing is also a new normal
  • Wearing masks all the time is a new normal
  • Social normcore is also modified in response to staying at home
  • Non trending business lines i.e. e-commerce, logistics etc. are the need of time now

Moreover it is a wakeup call for the governmental bodies, that they should pay more attention to non-trending fields of business. The GDP for other sectors like information and technology must be valuable in the nation’s budget. This pandemic shows that information and technology is as important as healthcare, education and defense of a country. This is also a field with an emerging scope. This credit must go to the hard time that occurs due to COVID-19, it proves blessing in disguise. Software-as-a-service and B2B software start-up are the pivoting business of time.

No one has a tombstone during this economic downturn. Business Trends 2020 have evolved, but you must acknowledge the fact that COVID-19 crisis is not as tremendous as the GFC (Global Financial crisis) and GR (Great recession of 2007-2009). It is also not bigger loss as Great Depression of economy in 1930s. There are many possible opportunities in this dark time. Now the question is what you have to do in this situation? The answer is accept the new normal and enlighten little hope that find your way to excel in this pandemic.

Cover Photo Credit: business2community

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