Craze of XIAOMI MI Notebook 14 in Subcontinent: Recently Xiaomi releases a video related to a new laptop that is waited impatiently by its customers. XIAOMI has designed a strategy to hit the market with low cost is the reason for its craze. As early on this laptop is launched only in China, but at this time laptop is specially designed according to the interest of the people of the subcontinent. The target market of this product is the middle class who wants more specs at low cost. People use the term for its specification “Low price, more grace”. Till the company releases its teaser people’s expectations are becoming very high regarding this laptop spec.

Some Specs of XIAOMI MI Notebook

  • XIAOMI claims that they use ultra-light form factor in the screen of the laptop.
  • Also, it is also claimed by the company that the laptop has 12hour battery timing which is quite amazing. 
  • Also, another amazing thing that is claimed by XIAOMI that this laptop is come out with DTS Studio which is also amazing for such a low budget laptop.

Laptop Is Launched In Two Different Variants

XIAOMI claimed about this new laptop which is going to be launched on 11 June 2020 have two variants.

  • Core i5 10th G
  • Core i7 10th G
  • Nvidia Graphic Card MX350
  • Storage 256GB
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 14 inch FHD Display

Catchy Glimpse of this laptop:

A teaser which is launched by XIAOMI shows a very attractive design, the design is quite slim, handy with a lightweight. In recent design, XIAOMI also drop the logo from the outside look of Laptop.

What will be the price of this laptop in Pakistan?

If we talk about its price, there is no price claimed by the company against this product. But it is said that it will be about Rs.94000 in Pakistan

Image Source: Xiaomi India

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