Recently, Tesla an American electric vehicle company launched its new model named’ Tesla Model Y’. With new features of wireless phone charging and USB-C ports. 

Till this new vehicle images are gone viral on social media. The craze about this new vehicle is gone trending on social media platforms. It is said that this new American product is responsible for lowering the prices of its previous models like. Model 3, Model S, and Model X in the international market and especially in North America.

In this new model car, having an additional feature of wireless mobile charging. This new functionality is not available even in new model cars. By introducing this new feature Tesla create differentiation in the international market. 

With the wireless mobile charging feature, Tesla is demanding a very reasonable price for its Model Y. Due to which rates of Tesla’s previous models and its competitor. Electric car companies have been decreased in the stock market.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, Tesla stopped its operations in March. According to Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla. It is a good sign for our company to launch its new featured product with a wireless phone charging facility. We hope it would help us a lot to generate enough profit for our firm. Through which we can recover from our crisis.

Now if we talk about the wireless mobile port of TESLA Model Y. Then we can say that it is one of the really surprising features introduced by Tesla.

As in this modern era. No one wants to hang with a single wire for the sake of charging a laptop or mobile. This feature also motivates other tech companies to introduce advanced technology in the international market. To sell its services to its consumers.


In my opinion, this new tech service of wireless mobile charging is quite amazing. As Tesla target the market according to the needs of their customers. Also, this new model car with 7 seats and a dual-motor has an efficiency of about 30%. More than its previous models. I think so due to the new features of the TESLA Model Y. It Will bring a lot of change in the international market with new tech services.

Cover Image: Tesla

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