COVID-19 has proved to be the biggest splash to the world economies. Everything is equally affected and finding its way towards survival. The living pattern has been renewed and following the unprecedented fashion nowadays. From Education, health, tourism to business sector and startup, it brings the major revolution. Probably, Technology is the only industry surviving in this worst pandemic. Also, it proves to be the best companion to the world in this difficult time. The world has seen the transformations from in-person workplaces to the Virtual workplaces. It is the finest topic of discussion for the experts to evaluate the massive use of Technology in the future. Startups are looking for shelters in the Technology to enhance their productivity.

In the world before COVID-19, the cities like San Francisco and New York were considered as the Hub of Start Up’s due to their remarkable virtual connectivity. The virtual startup ecosystem was limited to these big cities and were successful in the long run.COVID-19 has changed the dimensions of the Startup Ecosystem that was somewhat centralized between big cities of the world. The remote working is now leading to create a decentralized Startup ecosystem. Virtual workplaces and startups have been established around the globe.

The matter of concern is whether it becomes able to decline the importance of an in-person workplace or not. The efficiency related to In-Person interaction is far greater than the virtual connectivity. The people who used to work with remote tools still admit the importance of the In-Person workplace. They even used to go to nearby coffee shops and cafes to have some In-person ambiance.

Humans are social animals and always need interaction. There is no doubt that COVID-19 has insisted the whole world to attain virtual connectivity. But in future it will cause frustration and boredom. The screen connectivity will cause the health crises that will bring further problems. It is much needed to consider these virtual Offices temporarily as long as the pandemic prevails, after that the In-Person workplaces must be recovered.

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