Online markets have changed the whole plot of shopping. Buying online stuff from professional online retailer brands is quick, trouble-free and relatively easy. Find what you want, buy the product, pay a fixed price and the company will convey your product to your doorsteps. Like other online goods, there is a website, Cazoo, which offers second handed cars on this online platform. Their stock includes more than 1500 used cars that are brought directly to your garage.

Cazoo, a second-hand cars Startup Company was launched by Alexander Edward Chesterman, in December 2019. Alex is the same person, who is also a founder of property website Zoopla, uSwitch, Prime Location and Money and Hometrack. FTSE-250 index stated that zoopla and their other property portals employ over 1000 employees in England.

Cazoo, invested via its DMG venture arm, has now become the leading online second-hand car retailers of England with a huge stock of 1500 and more used cars. Alexander assured that the service will offer customers better quality products, cost and convenience. Recently, Cazoo joined the exclusive list of business companies called unicorns- an appraisal of $1 billion. It is evident that Cazoo is the fastest growing startup brand of The UK, launched just 6 months back and now reached the renowned unicorn status.

Cazoo transforming the way of trading second hand cars, now buying a car is exactly as effortless as buying any other online good. What you exactly have to do is visit, find your favorite car, purchase it and your dream car is on our door within 72 hours. Company’s policies are flexible to extend that they offer you a 7 days money back guarantee with no delivery charges.

Some of the new and upcoming projects of the company are now in the pipeline. The recent funding of the company is round about €27.6 million, after joining a new investor Draper Esprit and general business Catalyst bring this total raised to approximately €221 million. Whole events make Cazoo one of the heavily funded British startup businesses. And amazingly this success graph is gaining pace in just 6 months. Along with fastest growing interests, the company announced that they sponsored a new shirt of Premier league football club from next season.

Cazoo is rewarded with best reviews because whenever Cazoo buys a car, they fully own and recondition it then put it into a sales bucket. The story not ended here- when a customer purchase a car, they provide convenient ways of online financing and exchange offers. In case of any inconvenient event, company offer you 7 days money back guarantee with 90-days warranty and roadside assistance.

The widespread of COVID-19 pandemic has put a halt on every motion around the globe. In-person services, sales and transactions are more tending towards Digital startups. Cazoo is the greatest example of creating a huge virtual portal of car sales –is now a large fundraise.

Cover Photo Credit: Cazoo

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