Why wrinkles and Neck pain?

Now a days beautiful look is more preferred, where wrinkles are the sign of awfulness. They look very bad. Wrinkles are caused because of our own fault. We are required to change our some daily habits to follow new trends regarding our beauty. Therefore, we should focus on the beauty barriers imposed by us that prevent us from getting desirable beauty.

Actually, the most common cause of the wrinkles is our sleeping posture. We can’t imagine how badly it affects our facial beauty. It does not merely cause wrinkles but also lead towards neck pain. It’s the biggest cause of restlessness. We feel neck pain when our neck muscles are poorly stretched and get stiffened. When we become used to sleep on our side or on stomach, our face is suppressed in pillow. It causes wrinkles on our face just like wrinkles of leather shoes.

Usually, now it has become a part of new trends to spend most of the free time in sleeping. Therefore, how much will sleep while pressing our face, it causes wrinkles inception rapidly. Therefore we should be habitual of sleeping on our back.

How to train to sleep on back?

We should use rolled-up towel instead of pillow. Use of towel protects us of getting wrinkles. It helps us to get rid of chest wrinkles that we face while sleeping on our side.

How to roll a towel?

  • First of all lay out a towel
  • Make lustrous chunks
  • Now roll up short side tightly
  • Tie up both ends of towel with string or any rubber band firmly
  • Then place rolled towel under your neck
  • You’ll feel easy to sleep on back while having towel
  • Towel will provide support to your neck and back
  • It’ll keep you safe from face compression

Rolled-Towel will be harder enough but it plays a very important role in relieving neck pain. It really helps you sleeping calmly. Surprisingly, we can easily treat our neck pain just by replacing a pillow with a towel. You can start it even tonight while going for sleep.

Cover Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

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