Immune system is a simplest term to understand. Actually, it is a protective system that protects us from illness. It’s not wrong if we call it as “guard uncle”.

The extent of the protection of a house is judged by the strength of the guard, guarding it. Hence, we can conclude that the stronger is the guard, the more protective becomes the house.

There are several ways through which we strengthen our immune system. Mainly we categorize it into two branches

Physical Immunity can be boost up by maintaining proper diet which includes fruit, vegetables, fermented food and healthy fats. We should add appropriate quantity of fruits in our daily diet. Especially the fruit which contain Vitamin A, C, and D are beneficial for a strong immune system.

Similarly all vegetables including planted food like lemon and garlic are highly recommended to strengthen the immunity. Fermented food and antibiotics are good in a sense as they increase the gut bacteria that are good for health. Consumption of healthy fats is good for making required cholesterol. Healthy fats include olive oil and omega-3s which helps in anti-inflammation.

Sleep Cycle plays vital role in maintaining and boosting immunity as natural immunity is enhanced by deploying proper sleeping hours into daily life.  A healthy adult should sleep for 7 hours in night.

Hydration level allows the immune system to work within its astonishing range of capacity. Drinking water and other fluid like fresh juices prevent from dehydration. Dehydration is itself considered a disease which furthermore leads to many other diseases.

Exercise is necessary to regenerate the immune cells regularly. Therefore, moderate exercise is good for enhancing performance of immune system. Intense exercise is prohibited as it leads to fatigue.

The second pillar upon which the building of immunity stands is Mental Health. Possession of a strong mind indeed helps in overcoming the physical weak aspects of a body. In order to attain a healthy mind we should set goals and train our mind to achieve those goals. As well as, we should engage our mind in activities that may reduce our stress level.

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