COVID-19 shifted the whole world towards the digitalization and every organization is has to admit the technological mask in order to survive. Technology has found its new acknowledgements and privileges due to the Global Pandemic. The Unavailability of the manual work force at the workplaces compels the world to look back on some expedient technologies that were certainly not much renowned and adopted before. The working from homes as per instructions of Governments create room for digitalize systems to get more acknowledgment and understanding by People like never before.

Blockchain is the finest replacement of Traditional banking that needs not to check in the place to get the money transfer and transaction. It is the Peer to Peer Network that is offering the high security of one’s data by forming a digital Ledger that might be public or Private. BlockChain Technology finds its far wider domains due to its fascinating algorithmic storage. The block usually refers to the block of digital information encoded within it that can only be accessed by giving public or private keys.

The COVID-19 is awakening all the companies who are using blockchain technology for a couple of years. It smoothers the way towards entrepreneurship by its vast applications at this time of Economic and Health Crises. The world is looking for the productive use of Blockchain as technology is the need of the hour to ensure Food Security and Health. This urgency is creating a competent ambiance that is powerful enough to stimulate the Entrepreneurs to utilize blockchain to build their future ideas as pandemic seems to be far more prevailing.

In the Health Sector, accurate data keeping is truly essential and blockchain is all set to embrace all these challenges particularly in combating COVID-19. It can ensure a precise estimation of medical supplies to fight with many emergency situations. Likewise is the Sustainable Food Security that can be persevered by using the highly organized and social network of Blockchain technology. It can help to reach the farmers, food keepers and many other relevant people.

Blockchain technology not only brings perks to confront the Health and Economic challenges but also could be people as some influential tool towards unemployment. It is providing the career path to many developers, operators and regulators to show their knowledge and talent to make it rise to some great extent.

Where the COVID-19 brings stress and devastation, it also brings some little revolution in digital Marketing. It’s probably not wrong to say that it is the blessing in disguise as it exposed humanity to things they were not able to see before.

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