During the past 100 decades, racism has been a crucial trend of Western World. Living in 21th century, racial discrimination is still a dilemma for society especially in modernized states of world. Their so called updated legal codes are failed to eradicate racial discrimination. Human history is full of cases in which particular groups are hatred, prejudice, harassed, bullied or killed because of their skin color, nationality, inborn biological features and inhumane intolerance.

Now the whole world stands up against racism. Since the death of George Floyd, big tech companies and their leaders speak up on this matter. They had made public statements articulating unity with Black people. Press release shows that they express solidarity and condemn racism. They supported the trending hash-tag “Black Lives Matter” out-and-out.

Big news is many technology companies donate millions of dollar with the intention of fighting against racial discrimination and injustice. It is a great gesture by big tech companies to support “Black Lives Matter”, surely they have stood up against racial injustice before? Business companies are showing up, when the national concern is turned to racial discrimination. But if you look back 6 years ago in 2014 at the time of back to back deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, thousands of protestors came out of their houses to seek justice for Black people. There must be some public statement of any big company’s leader, right? But they did not support these protests in 2014.

Let us compare the response of today with what they said six years back. We researched the response to the protest in Ferguson, Missouri six years ago.


In the George Floyd case, Amazon publicly stated that “we believe Black Lives Matter” also they committed to donate $10 million to the domains that are working to bring about justice and work for betterment of black people. On June 9th, Amazon announced a tweet to donate $10,000 to each black employee so that they fund their local domains that support racial equality and education of black communities. But back in 2014 we could not find any public response from Amazon on Ferguson protests.


Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a video message “Today I am proud to announce Apple’s Racial Equality and Justice Initiative, with a $100 million commitment” Tim Cook also write two open letters on May 31st and June 4th in which he condemn racial injustice. But if we look back 6 years ago, Tim Cook quoted a tweet of Pope Francis during Ferguson protests. Apple newsroom is all about new projects of Apple.


Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, committed $10 million to groups that are working on racial justice. Moreover he wrote in a public note to his personal Facebook page that he is investing $40 million annually for several years in organizations working to overcome racial injustice. Back in 2014, Mark was asked about racism and social media’s role in this matter, he shared his response in a video message that we should give everyone a voice and provide greater diversity of perspective. We could not find any response particularly supporting Black lives.

These business companies have not shown up in the Ferguson protest but in 2020 they all stood up by committing donations. They support anti racist groups and domains for betterment of black communities. Moreover Google, twitter, Microsoft are great influencers of powerful institutions in the world. It is a great initiative that helps to fight against racism and social injustice.

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