Asymptomatic cases: Singaporean official news revealed on 8 June, 2020 that symptoms are not seen in least of half of new COVID-19 cases. Lawrence Wong, Singaporean virus taskforce Government’s cohead revealed this news of asymptomatic cases, but did not unveil the number of that asymptomatic patients. Infection is found mainly among migrant workers. He told that these asymptomatic patients had fever through which virus transmitted, because they were not supposed to exhibit coughing and sneezing.

Number of COVID-19 cases: Mostly due to migrant workers, Singapore is now among the highest infectious countries. As it has, almost 40,000 cases of corona virus.

Corona Virus Outbreak:

In Philippine, students are not allowed to go back to school and from August they will resume their studies via internet. As, they have 22,349 cases. 579 more cases were enlisted by 8th of June.

Thailand plans to maintain its financial stability during this outbreak of pandemic by promoting domestic activities.

Malaysia has shown the lowest increase in cases on daily bases as citizens have shut their businesses and movement curbs. They have a total of 8,329 cases.

Health Ministry of Indonesia registered 847 new cases in addition to 32 deaths on June 8. Total 32,033 cases and 1883 deaths.

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