The Climate, we are facing is as important as food and Water. Where it is quite essential to protect our water and food reserves, the sustainability of Climate is another major Concern to be achieved. It has been declared as one of the prominent Sustainable development goals of The UN Agenda 2030. Many Companies of high International prestige are investing to achieve this sustainable environment.

Amazon, the well renowned Multinational technology company, by having an amazing Market Impact is contributing much to achieve this Sustainable goal. It has been its many years of initiating Climate Pledge Program with significant aims of achieving Carbon Free Climate.

The Company has also announced it’s Amazon Employees for Climate Change to keep mentoring and excelling the Climate Change Programs. Due to Amazon High Market Value and Impact, it is influencing and making the other Companies to join hand in hand for this Climate Progress.

Recently, Amazon has announced the Fund of $2 billion under its Climate Pledge Project to invest in the Sustainable Climate Development Startups. The Major purpose is to strengthen the Small and large size enterprises who have taken this venture of Climate Change. The Eligibility of getting the fund is the effective ideas that are very much close to diverge the ways towards Zero Carbon Climate.

Amazon has invited it’s other climate pledge signatory companies to provide funds for this crucial cause. It seems to be a better initiative as it will lead the Entrepreneurs to bring out the worthy projects to make this planet Carbon free.

In addition to this fund that is announced recently, Amazon has launched many funds to bring Climate Prosperity. One of it’s finest lucrative contributions was launching the fund of $10 Million to support the family forest owners in pursuing their forestry. By sustaining the already existing green lands and working to control greenhouse effect emissions, Amazon’s projects are quite appreciable and worthy.

Cover Photo Credit: Amazon

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