The death of George Floyd creates a lot of problems in America. A new war of racism has been started in the USA. At the same time, the battle between civil liberties activists and Amazon has been begun.

Now a new allegation is claimed by civil rights agencies that Amazon’s face recognition technology, used by American Police is full of errors.

In this new allegation, it is said that Amazon’s face recognition technology is unable to discriminate between Gender and Colour.

It is also claimed that most of the time during capturing the suspect’s face it captures black people most of the time and this is the reason behind the death of George Floyd. 

Now by taking U-turn, American Police say that they have continuously warned Amazon two years that their new technology has a lot of errors, but they didn’t respond to us properly.

Now here a question arises, after the acknowledgment of US Police that the system is not working properly, why they were using this technology from the last two years. This diplomatic behavior of American Police is quite shameful.

As the technology is criticized badly in the USA, as one of the spokesperson of civil rights is used to say “Amazon was throwing us under the bus”, Amazon decides to ban on the use of this technology, especially for US Police from next year to onwards. 

Amazon said that we provide this technology only the law enforcement agencies who will use this tech in the right sense and not based on racism.

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