We are living in a time where we are in fear of disease spread on one hand and economic devastation on other. COVID-19 promptly rushed in, we did not have enough time to prepare against this pandemic. Eventually the life is put into a pause –tourism halt, education institutions are off, industrial shut down, people practicing social distancing. We do not have any idea when the things resume their normalcy.

Have you heard a phrase “blessing in disguise”? I believe that everything happens, happens for a reason. Maybe this crisis wants us to think of some unusual ways to grow in business? I have to mention one thing, a business must face ups and downs even in normal conditions- but COVID-19 lockdown distress businesses to a larger extent.

Customer needs have evolved from recent few years- that is why some entrepreneurs and business companies are making alterations in their business policies. These companies focus on pivoting their business in the time of evolution- that really work at that time. Now, in this pandemic they execute their knowledge pivoting a business. Here are some ways, your brand can pivot to excel in a crisis.

Adaptive mindset

It is the fact that we are living in an unusual scenario- the things we face right now do not happen in normal time. So it is obvious that your business cannot run with normal statistics. You have to accept this uncommon state and try to work accordingly. Hit more creative ideas, put extra efforts, revolutionaries your business scheme. This exceptional situation needs the exceptional version of your personality. Try to be adaptive.

Convert your services online

As the trends of business have evolved with time, many retail businesses have already converted their business mode to digital systems. In this era of social distancing and lockdown, digitalizing is the best approach to pivoting your business. Use digital medium for marketing and sales purposes. Open online shopping forum for customers. As an example, many healthcare companies are working on visual healthcare systems i.e. physiotherapists use visual mode for therapy sessions with their patients via video tutorials. Amazon and eBay become volunteers their customers need by increasing logistics.

Modify your production line that help to combat disaster

A common trend we can see in the market is, companies slightly alter their production line to get in business. Many infrastructural factories step forward to manufacture hospital beds and incubators. A lot of clothing brands change their product line and start making masks- as masks are the necessity of time.  A well-known example is The Louis Vuitton Conglomerate specializing in luxury goods are now converting their perfume and fragrance line into hand sanitizers and hygienic products. I think these ideas are extremely adaptive to prepare for sudden substantial demands of time. So the business ideas that really help your customer to combat this pandemic can pivot your business in tough times.

Add a complimentary element in shipping

At this point what you have to do is random acts of kindness. Involve your customers via emotional connection. Small random acts of kindness build a loyal customer base for a company. Add a surprise product to shipping, as it makes you buyers happy. It proves an incentive for customers and maybe they like to order more. Your courtesy is actually an investment to bring about customer loyalty.

Stick to your core values

Hardship is a real time test to check how much you align with your core values and standards. Everything has its pros and cons. Hard time is actually an opportunity to utilize evolutionary ideas that connect not only your regular clients but also generate an entirely new customer base. It might be possible that you are introduced to a lot of new fans. If you put genuine effort to provide them good services, it is good for public relations. Maintaining your standard and core values, customers are actively seeking for your product.

Always try to find something good in bad times- this is one of the best qualities of a survivor. In the next few months I inspire you to embrace your creative business side, try to be a bit more concerned about pivoting your business. Let’s hope for the best to happen.

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