Village Capital, a well-renowned Capital Firm is meant to nourish the new Fintech Startups or ventures by investing funds in it. The major Startups that Village Capital is mentoring is particularly for the Global Problems such as Education, Health, Climate Change, Agriculture and Financial Health.

It is one of the prominent collaborator organizations that is leading the Finance Forward Europe Program 2020 .Its other partner firms are Met life Foundation and PayPal that is also investing in this project of making Europe Financially healthy. The significant objective of Finance Forward Europe Project is to facilitate the low and medium income Europeans families to save and access money. Financial health is all they are intended to achieve by this remarkable project. The organizers had invited the proficient entrepreneurs to propose startups of managing finance through Financial Technology (fin-tech).

After a bundle of Applications received from the entrepreneurs, Village Capital along its founding partner’s life foundation and PayPal has short-listed about 11 fin-tech Startups for the Finance welfare of Europeans.

Here are the top impact creating startups in fintech being selected by them:


A Startup proposed by the female Entrepreneur that aims to achieve the  Financial Empowerment of the women. It has created the online platform for the women to get financial education to flourish their own small businesses. It is throwing the series of Sessions and workshops to achieve financial literacy in females.


It is a great startup that brings an effective and affordable way of taking homeownership by its unique format of rent to buy scheme. It brings ease for the Europeans to find shelter even with little money savings.

Student Finance:

It is another promising Startup  enlisted for Finance forward Europe that aims to bring student Prosperity and Empowerment. It is a technology based company that help the students to access their high impact careers by making them financially stable enough.


It is a well- acknowledged startup that is particularly for the well-being of the customers of utilities and Financial Institutions. It helps the Institutions to deal with the complex customers by making them financially literate.


It is a remarkable startup for the emigrants who need to send cross-borders payments to their families. It is helping them to maintain their financial balance and found ease in sending and receiving money from another country

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