The COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of challenges in every arena of life. Existing in this greatest recession, we are facing consequences of disease spread on one hand and economic pressure on other hand. Nearly all the global population is in lockdown and the world’s economy suffers like never before. Business industry either shuts down or has an effect to a large extent. We find out the list of businesses that survive during this lockdown.


E-commerce companies come out with new policies and action plans worldwide. Their plan is to resume their full operations and confiscate limitations over online retail. They are eager to regulate the economies of nations. People try to convert their manual business platform to online systems and so far all essential and non-essential goods from electronics to food and groceries are sold and bought on these mediums.


Pharmaceutics are the basic health care unit operating in this turmoil. It volunteers hand in hand not only with medical groups and healthcare workers but also with common people. Even in lockdown, the Government allows them to operate with its maximum potential; meanwhile they have to follow SOPs and some extra counteractive measures. People fighting with this pandemic and Patients with previous medical concerns are the primary customers. Medical shops are the busiest among all businesses and operate from front.

Hygiene Products Industry:

All other consumers industries are facing serious challenges in lockdown meanwhile the Hygiene products industry operated at its maximum prospective. There has been a surge of demand for immunity range products that act as the first line of defense against any microbe. People’s attitude towards personal hygiene and healthcare supplements elevated day by day. Soaps, antiseptic, hand sanitizers are sold and bought in all means either by hand or digital shopping.


Due to lockdown, most of the modes of travelling are not operative. Some logistic companies step forward to regulate this traffic. This intent to transfer any kind of goods from one place to another.  People at home doing online shopping’s are the primary consumers of logistics mode. All shipping procedures are done by them, they play a certain role in business and economy.

Renting out space:

People in real estate business rent out their property which is the primary source of earring to them. Those who rent out their spaces are still in business.

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