Mattress plays a vital role in overall sleeping pattern of human being. Selection of an appropriate type of mattress calls for proper caution. Where a concord mattress provides ease, there a discord one can deliver disturbance throughout sleeping. In order to prevent suffering from back pain one should choose a mattress which contains certain qualities.

Features of Comfortable Mattress

A good mattress is the one which does not offer any kind of discomfort to the lying body. It possesses firmness through innersprings, airbed, and hybrid qualities. It offers easiness of sleeping position as it is made with matchless material that contains memory foams and latex.

Selection of Mattress

Nowadays, there are varieties of mattresses available in markets, but we must prefer such mattresses that are supportive and reliable while sleeping. There are some hybrid and firmly qualified mattresses which help in getting relief from back-pain.

Best Anti-Torment Mattresses

Below, there are given 10 best back pain relieving mattresses. One can choose any of these in order to get rid of distress while sleeping.

Saatva Solaire

The Saatva Solaire is an airbed unusual hybrid mattress. It consists of an organic cotton quilted pillow at the top of certified latex. It is comfortable and supportive. This Saatva Solaire is considered as best adjustable mattress.


The puffy is one of the reliable and competitive mattress for combination sleepers. The layer of its base is made up of firmer support foam that comes up with outstanding defense against distress. It is devised with gel-infused foam layers that provide cooling effect.

Casper Wave Hybrid

Casper wave hybrid with innerspring base layer is an appealing option for back support. It is quite suitable for side sleepers. It keeps body cool and prevents heat up. That’s the reason it is regarded best for hot sleepers.


Nectar is one of the highly rated comfortable and pressure relief mattresses in the market. It consists of gel memory foam for neutralization of temperature. This feature protects from hotness during sleep. It also provides back support and sustenance. Nectar is considered as best value mattress.


Hybrid bedsare termed as the best mattress for side sleepers. This popular model from Helix features both firm coils and soft foam, which is absolute for side sleepers as it provides support and does not compromise on comfort.


Nolah is a mattress made up of a specific type of memory foam named “AirFoam”. It is the best pressure relieving mattress for hips and shoulders. On the behalf of this feature it is termed as pressure reliever. It also protects from tiredness after awakening in the morning.


Layla mattress is suffused with copper. It protects from joint’s pain, inflammation and back pain. It’s the best flippable mattress.


Bear is the outclass kind of mattress for active sleepers .It protects such people from back pain. It contains celliant fibers that regulate blood circulation. It also keeps our muscles more relaxed than any other traditional memory foam.


Cocoon is one of the best cooling and firm mattresses. Cocoon maintains alignment of body. It is a first class option for back sleeper or stomach sleeper. It is made up of three form layers that consist of medium, soft and extra firmness.


Purple is one of the ultra – modern mattresses. It is made up of hyper-elastic polymer that allocates extraordinary support to the back. It is best technology reliant back pin relieving mattress.

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