Surveil Your Yard With Ring Latest Video Doorbell "Peephole Cam"
The new Ring Peephole Cam ($199) is designed for apartment dwellers or anyone who uses a peephole lens to see who is at their door. See who’s behind the with Ring.Answer the door and check-in on home at anytime from anywhere. 
Ring Peephole Cam is completely wireless, easy to install, and offers motion detection, video recording, and support for Amazon Alexa voice commands. However, it can also be used as a traditional peephole lens. Supports IFTTT applets and can be linked to other Ring devices, delivers sharp day and night video.

Design and Features

It has an IPX5 weather rating and contains a 1080p camera with High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, three infrared LEDS for night vision, a motion sensor, a doorbell button surrounded by an LED ring, and a microphone and speaker for two-way audio. It also has a lens that lets you use it as traditional peephole.
The interior component has a white cover and measures 4.4 by 2.2 by 1.1 inches. It holds a removable lithium-ion battery pack that pops out and can be recharged using the supplied USB cable, an 802.11n (2.4GHz) Wi-Fi radio that connects it to your home network, an impact (knock detection) sensor, and a peephole tube with a sliding privacy cover.
Surveil Your Yard With Ring Latest Video Doorbell "Peephole Cam"

So how it works?

Detect motion when people come to your property.Receive notifications on your phone, tablet or PC.See, hear and speak to visitorsin real time from anywhere.Replace your peephole with smart security, and find the perfect solution for apartments, homes, townhouses and more.
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