Microsoft Acquires jClarity To Boost Azure-Based Java Workloads

Microsoft on Monday announced its acquisition of jClarity for an unknown amount.The leading contributor to the open source AdoptOpenJDK, in an effort to bolster the performance of Java workloads on Azure. A company geared towards supporting the Java ecosystem. As a part of Microsoft, the jClarity team will continue to pursue that mission and “collaborate with the OpenJDK community.”

Founded in 2012, based in the United Kingdom, jClarity provides machine learning-based software performance and analytics solutions for Java-centric Cloud and Desktop environments. and is a leading contributor to the AdoptOpenJDK project.Microsoft has been a sponsor of AdoptOpenJDK, which has provided binaries for both Windows and Linux.

Currently, jClarity provides commercial support for AdoptOpenJDK binaries, the drop-in replacement for Oracle’s Java/JDK.

Microsoft’s corporate vice president of programme management for developer tools and services, John Montgomery, said in a blog post, that the deal would help the company to strengthen its Azure cloud computing platform by enhancing the performance of Java workloads.

In a statement announcing the acquisition on its website, jClarity said:

jClarity will be bringing its expertise in Java, OpenJDK and performance tuning and applying that to Java workloads on Azure for customers like Adobe, Daimler, and Société Générale. We’ll also be supporting other services such as Azure HDInsights and Microsoft affiliated organizations such as Minecraft.

“The jClarity team are JVM experts who have helped their customers optimize their Java applications while also providing leadership and support within the Java open source community,” Microsoft said. “For us, this is the perfect match.”

“Microsoft Azure and jClarity engineers will be working together to make Azure a better platform for our Java customers and internal teams, improving the experience and performance of the platform for Java developers and end-users,” said John Montgomery, head of program management for Microsoft’s developer tools and services group, in a blog post.

JClarity says that it will be in contact with its customers “in the coming weeks” for further information on support.

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