Gov. Cuomo Launches Survey For New NYS License Plate: Voting Now Open For New Designs

Gov. Andrew Cuomo launched a statewide survey to select New York state’s new license plate design. A decade after New York state released gold license plates with blue lettering for motor vehicles.New Yorkers can vote on the state’s next plate design, with five proposals to choose from, and local residents have some strong opinions about the options they’ve been offered.

Online voting on the five options, which opened Monday on the governor’s website, runs through Sept. 2. Voting will also be available to the public at the governor’s exhibit at the Great New York State Fair starting Wednesday. The license plate with the most votes will become the state’s official license plate and will be available in April, at which time anyone with plates older than 10 years will be required to pay for replacements when they renew their vehicle registration.

Plates with the new design will become available in April 2020 through a plate replacement program.The plates will come with a $25 fee — on top of the registration renewal cost — and there will be an additional $20 fee to keep the same plate number.

“License plates are a symbol of who we are as a state and New Yorkers should have a voice and a vote in its final design,” Cuomo said in a statement. “As the life span of the old plates comes to an end and we develop new ones that are as easy to read as possible, I encourage all residents to take part in choosing this piece of our state’s history …”
All five designs contain iconic elements from New York City, with four bearing the Statue of Liberty or her torch.The other plate has a grayscale image of the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge that spans the Hudson River north of Yonkers. 

There are five choices: three that depict just the Statue of Liberty, including one with a close-up of Lady Liberty’s flaming torch; one featuring the modern bridge that replaced the Tappan Zee Bridge, called the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge; and one with a tiny panorama beneath the numbers that includes Niagara Falls, wild forest, the State of Liberty with the lower Manhattan skyline behind it, and a lighthouse.The other four also all bear the state motto, “Excelsior,” a Latin word that translates as “Ever Upward.”

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