Tempe Police Claim: They Were Asked To Leave Starbucks Because Customer ‘Did Not Feel Safe’

A group of Tempe Police officers were asked to leave a Starbucks shop by a barista because another customer “did not feel safe,” officers claim an employee asked them to leave the store on July 4th according to the Tempe Officers Association.

Tempe Police officers claim they were asked to leave a local Starbucks on the Fourth of July where five of them had gathered for coffee prior to starting their shift because ONE customer complained about feeling unsafe, according to FOX 10 of Phoenix. FOX 10 has learned that two of the officers, who are veterans, are offended and frustrated by what happened. On Friday, the association took to social media, and posted a “Dump Starbucks” photo.

Neither the barista nor the individual who lobbed the complaint has been identified. Starbucks is still collecting the details, though the Tempe Police Association came out swinging on social media.

Some police officers in Tempe, Ariz., say they were asked to leave a Starbucks coffee shop on the Fourth of July because a customer complained they “did not feel safe” with the cops present, according to reports.
Five officers were drinking coffee at the Starbucks location prior to their shift beginning when a barista asked them to move out of the complaining customer’s line of sight or else leave, the Tempe Officers Association wrote in a series of Twitter messages.
Rob Ferraro, president of the police union, told FOX 10 of Phoenix that such treatment of police officers seems to be happening more often these days.
A Starbucks spokesman told the Arizona Republic the company was still gathering details about what happened.
“We have a deep respect for the Tempe Police and their service to the community,” spokesman Reggie Borges told the newspaper. “We’ve reached out to the Tempe Police Department and Tempe Officers Association to better understand what happened and apologize. We want everyone in our stores to feel welcomed and the incident described is not indicative of what we want any of our customers to feel in our stores.”

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