Square Enix Releasing Marvel's Avengers Gameplay Demo Footage After Games-Con 2019
Since Marvel’s Avengers reveal at E3 2019, fans have been curious to see the game in action for themselves.The initial press conference reveal wasn’t, really, as it had little gameplay and confusing messaging.At Comic Con it looks like the attendees got to see some gameplay and some attendees have published the gameplay on YouTube. Check out the leaked gameplay below.

The news comes from the Marvel’s Avengers official Twitter account, finally shared a rough date for when the demo footage will be available for all—the week after Gamescom 2019.

Gamescom is happening from August 20-24, so the earliest to expect the demo is the week of August 26. The Avengers game isn’t the only one that will make the gameplay demo public after Gamecom. CD Projekt Red has also confirmed that the behind closed doors demo from E3 2019 will be made public after Gamecom.

“According to Crystal Dynamics director Shaun Escayg, players will be able to customize Heroes with “classic, fan-favourite, and all-new outfits.” Players will also be able to unlock new skills and playstyle. So two different players can have completely different playstyles for Thor or Captain America. The game is a story-based action game with certain missions designed for certain heroes. The game has legendary voice actors like Troy Baker and Nolan North lending their voices to Bruce Banner and Tony Stark respectively.”

The game is set to release on May 15 2020. It will release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and Google Stadia.

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