Remedy Entertainment Announces It Has Acquired Alan Wake Rights From Microsoft

Remedy Entertainment, the developers behind Max Payne, Alan Wake, Quantum Break and the upcoming game Control has acquired the publishing rights to one of its most sought-after games, Alan Wake from Microsoft. The company announced the news in a message stating, “The publishing rights of Alan Wake games are reverted to Remedy.”Alan Wake was released in 2010 as an Xbox 360 exclusive, with a follow-up release in 2012 on Microsoft Windows.

Alan Wake and American Nightmare, were both published by Microsoft on Xbox 360 but self-published by Remedy on PC. Bought from Microsoft for €2.5 million, the arrangement will be made among now and the finish of 2019 and sees the publishing rights of the title return to Remedy. Prior to now, if Remedy somehow managed to make a continuation of the game, it would have been exclusive to Xbox and PC platforms.

In a post on Global News Wire , “For its first half-year period of 2019, Remedy Entertainment Plc records approximately 2.5 million euros of royalties from previously released games as one-time income. The royalties are paid to Remedy during the second half-year period of 2019. In relation to this, the publishing rights of Alan Wake games are reverted to Remedy.This one-time income does not significantly affect Remedy’s full year result, because as previously reported, the Company continues to invest in developing new games, the success of which have a greater impact on the Company’s full year revenue and result.”

Since Alan Wake’s Xbox 360 launch, we do know of one project currently underway with a collaboration between Remedy and movie production company Contradiction Films : a live-action Alan Wake television adaption.

Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games next game, meanwhile, is a third-person title Control, and will be launching this August as it arrives on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and we think it’s Remedy’s most interesting game since the first Alan Wake.We will, of course, keep you updated with any further information regarding this news story. However, Remedy said that it “continues to invest in developing new games” and that the success of those would impact its revenue this year, though it’s unclear what those other games might be beyond Control.

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