Jennifer Lopez Is 'Devastated And Heartbroken' After Power Cut In New York

Jennifer Lopez was left “devastated” after a power cut in New York and forced her to cancel her performance on Saturday night.

A power outage in the US metropolis caused subways to be stopped and tens of thousands of homes to lose electricity. The star was in the middle of her show at Madison Square Gardens when the outage happened, leaving more than 70,000 Manhattan customers in the dark.

It was the second of two planned shows at the venue.Backstage she filmed a video for her fans to explain that she had been instructed to leave the stage and to apologise and express her disappointment. Lopez said she was heartbroken after being forced to cancel her planned show at Madison Square Garden, and apologised to the audience, who had to be evacuated from the venue.

“I am obviously heartbroken and devastated,” she said, before promising to reschedule the show for another date.
“I’m very sad. I love you. I am sorry that this happened in the middle of our moment, this time.”

The singer promised fans their “money’s worth” and vowed to return to the venue to perform.

“I cannot tell you, on the second night of performing at Madison Square Garden, after such amazing first night, I just don’t even know what to say.

Fox News correspondent Bryan Llenas, who was celebrating his birthday by attending Lopez’s concert at Madison Square Garden, described his experience.

“We were about three songs in, the party was just getting started,” he said, “and at about 9:25 the floodlights essentially came on, the power went out, and an announcement went out over the intercom, the speaker, saying that this was the building engineer and that as a precaution we need everybody to evacuate the building.”

The singer was 30 minutes into her concert when the venue house lights came on and an MSG staffer told the capacity crowd to exit, noting, “We regret to interrupt this event.” Lopez said on social media from backstage: “I love you; I am so sorry that this happened in the middle of our moment,” she said. “I’m going to get back to you as soon as I can with when we are going to reschedule the show.”

Lopez posted online again later in the morning, saying that if all went to plan she could return to the famous New York venue on Monday to perform for the fans left disappointed by the blackout.

The singer said: “No blackouts this time. We will have the most amazing celebration ever.

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